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Fathers and father-figures play an important, perhaps crucial, role in encouraging and helping children grow and mature into fully functioning adults. But often these men, and the important role they play, miss out on the recognition they deserve.

Hinterland Baptist Church is taking the opportunity to focus on some of the fathers in our church family. We know there are countless days throughout the year when their influence and love make a difference- so many times when, in word or action, they point us to our ultimate Father. So we thought you might be interested to learn a bit more about some of these special fathers.



Richard MacArthur with Mason and Willow


How many pairs of New Balance shoes or Sketchers do you own?




What’s the best pattern to mow into your lawn?


Sideways because of the hill! I’ve tried mowing it up and down.


What’s your favourite memory of your dad?


Probably a favourite memory I’ve got is a recent visit to Australia when they came and we hadn’t seen them in a while. We were showing them around. Probably the favourite attribute of my dad is how close he was to the Lord and the example he was as a dad. He was a man of God.


What has being a father taught you?


I’m still learning it, but patience and what things matter in life - spending time together. That matters more than any kind of material possession or any money in the world.


What would you like your kids to remember most about you?


The good times. Our holidays together, the camping trips together, and just the special moments and the times we had together. That we spent time together.


What’s your biggest challenge as a parent at this stage, and how can we pray for you?


Probably raising kids in this world that is so geared to be anti-God and teaching them in a world that teaches everything contrary to what we believe in as Christians.


If your dad was a superhero who would he be?


Mason: Of his choice? Probably Spider-Man because he just likes him, but I’d say probably Superman because he’s super.


What does your dad like to cook?


Mason: Barbecue.


What’s your favourite thing to do with dad?


Mason: It’s a very hard decision. Maybe going for motorbike rides.


How do you know your Dad loves you?


Mason: Because he tells us and because he shows it. Like he lets us do commitments like violin and stuff like that.

If your dad was a superhero who would he be?


Willow: Superman. Because he’s super and he’s a man.


What does your dad like to cook?


Willow: Boerewors! African meat.


What’s your favourite thing to do with dad?


Willow: Watch TV.


How do you know your Dad loves you?


Willow: Because he gives me kisses, and he tells me and he plays with me and then sometimes he takes time off work just to play with us.