Wondering what your next step is?

We'd love to help you take a step to grow toward faith or grow in faith.

Follow Jesus
Learning about Jesus; Growing and Deepening your Faith

If you're a new believer, we'd like to encourage you to take the Journey Series as your next step. Join the journey HERE.

Church Membership
Online Course

Being a member of Hinterland Baptist Church is for anyone who professes salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, is called to the mission of HBC, and wants to be identified as part of the church family. They must also have a willingness to adhere to the Constitution, doctrines, and practices of the Hinterland Baptist Church.

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Join a Team
There's no better way to get involved and connected.

It would thrill us to have you jump into community by joining a team.

Check out the different ways you can get involved with the opportunities currently available.

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Join a Group
Take this next step

There are a couple of groups within the church that you might like to check out.

These groups are amazing ways to deepen your faith and connect with others within our church family.

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Care for the Community
Share God's love to others

One of the ways we are connecting with the community is through the Carer Help Services- providing support, encouragement, care and connection for those who care for others.

We'd love your help with this outreach ministry.

Here's how