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'The evidence is clear: the best studies demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that fathers play an important and irreplaceable role in healthy child development.' - FOTF 

Fathers parent differently, with a different style of communication. They certainly play differently with their kids. They chase their kids, become 'scary' monsters, toss them in the air, wrestle with them- much to the consternation of the mothers. Fathers discipline differently and tend to stress justice and fairness. Fathers build confidence as they encourage children to swing higher, ride their bike faster, throw just a bit harder and build independence. Fathers help prepare their children for the real world. And, more importantly, they share in word and action their love and faith in the Saviour.

Hinterland Baptist Church is taking this special time of the year to highlight the important role of fathers in the lives of families. We know there are countless days throughout the year when their influence and love make a difference- so many times when, in word or action, they point us to our ultimate Father. So, we thought it might interest you to learn a bit more about some of these special fathers.


Introducing our pastor and his kids- Ps Chris Miller with Kaitlyn and Sam





What’s your favourite memory of your dad?


My favourite memory of my dad would be when he would read me comics when I was little.


What’s the most embarrassing thing about your dad?


Dad has full-on conversations with himself sometimes.


If you had one quality of your father’s what would it be?


Probably stubbornness

Being raised as a Preacher’s Kid, what do you wish people knew about your father?


What I wish people knew is how much his job affects him.




What’s your favourite memory of your dad?


My favourite memory has to be back when we were in Texas and we played catch, but I think I was about six or eight I think, and he was just so proud that he could  throw it as hard as he could at me and I’d still catch it.


What’s the most embarrassing thing about your dad?


That’s hard to say. I’m going to say his confidence with certain things. Like it’s good and bad. Some days he’ll wear like really, really small shorts or just anything that he like thinks is cool he just sticks with it.


If you had one quality of your father’s, what would it be?


I’d say it’s his ability to stick with things and get things done. So like whatever he wants to happen, like he makes it happen.


Being raised as a Preacher’s Kid, what do you wish people knew about your father?

That’s such a hard one. He doesn’t really get any time off. Like even when he’s asleep there’s stuff going through his head or people calling him and it involves all of the family all of the time. Like being a pastor family, everybody is included all the time. There’s no okay, we’re done.

Pastor Chris


How many pairs of Skechers or New Balance do you own?


I have zero of both. We are supposed to be getting a Costco somewhere and they sell the dad shoes so I might have to get some just because.


What’s the best pattern to mow into your lawn?


I used to work at a golf course so what you’d do is you’d mow it one way and then you’d cut across it and then you get like that checkerboard look.


What’s your favourite memory of your dad?


I grew up on a farm so probably when I was a little kid riding on a tractor with him. I used to sit up with him on the wheel well. They probably wouldn’t let you do that now because it’s too dangerous. That was fun when I was a little kid.


What has being a father taught you?


Probably it has taught me some patience and it’s probably taught me to let things go sometimes. Just to step back and let things happen.


What would you like your kids to remember most about you?


I would say probably consistency because I know a lot of people act different in different places, especially in a church environment. Like they’ll be a different person on Sunday than they are Tuesday and I’d like my kids to see me as consistent. I’m still working on it but regardless of where I am or who I’m with I’m the same person.


What is your biggest challenge as a parent at this stage and how can we pray for you?


Actually my kids are pretty good. They don’t really present any challenges at this point. We’ve kind of turned them over to the Lord and let them do their thing but still at the same time it’s probably a little bit of what being a dad has taught me as well, the patience and the letting go. Just letting them do their thing and kind of staying out the way even when I want to get involved sometimes. Just letting some things happen.