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Father's Day reminds us to take time remembering all that fathers do for their families throughout the year: the hours they work to make life easier for their family, for the headaches and the heartaches of leading a family, for the endless and quiet sacrifices, and for dads just doing the best that they know how —thank you, dad.

It's also a wonderful opportunity to remember the fun times with dad- the laughter, the games, the trips to the beach, maybe the fishing trips and that whopper that got away. The world outside the family is dark enough. It's wonderful for families to build bright, happy memories with dad, even if it's fun, silly moments like dad tossing mum into the pool fully clothed- and lived to tell the tale.

And so, Hinterland Baptist Church is taking this special time of the year to highlight the important role of fathers in the lives of our families. We know there are countless days throughout the year when their influence and love make a difference- so many times when, in word or action, they point us to our ultimate Father. So, we thought it might interest you to learn a lit more about some of these special fathers.




What’s the best way to cook a steak?


Salted both sides, bring to room temperature, then fry in butter until crispy with rosemary and thyme.


What ages are your kids?


Two and 38 weeks.


Is there anything you had as a child that you wish your kids had today?


A caravan and fruit trees.

What’s the biggest challenge for you as a father at the moment, and how can we pray for you?


Finding energy to keep up with them and be a Godly role model in their lives, please pray for more patience when they play up.

What do you want your kids to remember most about you?


The time I spent writing about their memorable moments, reading to them and teaching them musical stuff.


A big 'thank you' too, goes to Adelsteen for the wonderful photos. (Hope you don't have to wait much longer for baby number 2. )