We are so excited to announce the 21 Days of Hope Easter Experience.
This is a 21 Day challenge our church is doing leading up to Easter that you are going to love.


We believe God is going to use these three weeks to both bring hope to you and bring hope through you! It’s going to grow your faith and show others see the difference God can make in their life.

We're inviting you...
... on an adventure!

Now, I know that’s maybe NOT the sort of thing you’re used to hearing from us, but we believe that God is calling us to live an abundant life, full of meaning and purpose.  And we don’t have to wait for the world to go back to “normal.”  We can start right here, right now, with 21 Days of Hope.

Think of it as a sort of “digital missions trip.” 

We’re not going anywhere fancy or taking any safety risks, but we’re still on a mission to spread hope in our community.And we know that you can’t fill other people with hope if you’re not experiencing it yourself, so our mission at Hinterland Baptist is to bring hope to you and through you during this season.

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It's easy!
Here's how it works

Each step/day along the way will include the following:

*Either a "Hope To You" or a "Hope Through You" action step.

*A theme: Devotional, Share Your Faith Story, Social, Generosity, Minister

*And a difficulty rating of that step

Each day the goals are designed to help you and others experience God’s love in some way. Some things will involve your social media or texting and others involve sharing your faith story.

The idea over the next 3 weeks is to help your friends, family and acquaintances see how amazing God is! 

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Just for you
We've designed this special Easter experience with you in mind.

You can access all the content right from home. Each day, you'll receive the daily inspiration or mission right in your Inbox or your phone. But there's more...

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Each Sunday, we'll meet up Live or on our Online Campus.

We can't wait to join you.

We're still online
At home or in church, you're still part of our family

We encourage you to continue to attend Hinterland Baptist Online if you or a family member doesn’t feel well, or if you're just not ready to attend church at our physical location. You’re part of the Hinterland Baptist family no matter where you choose to attend!

This Sunday's  online message begins at 9.35am AEST, and you can head to https://hinterlandbaptist.online.church/ . Please join us and experience the community of your church family through our live chat and prayer.